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Fleet Logistics


The Fleet Logistics brand has been active in the international market with its mobility services since 1996.

We offer reliability for our discerning clientele and are currently represented in 27 countries. The brand stands for more than 20 years of experience and a contracted portfolio with more than 180,000 vehicles.

With regard to our target groups, we are not restricted – industries such as pharmaceuticals, medicine, food as well as consumer goods, machines and tools, but also the software and hardware sector receive our services.

We see our core task in supporting our customers in achieving their goals and in providing valuable operational and strategic services.


We offer different service modules that can be combined individually. This approach makes us flexible and enables us to develop an understandable and tailor-made solution for you.


Our local experts act and advise in country but at the same time we think in broader horizons and see ourselves as a company with an international network. Due to our neutral market position, we fully support you and consistently act on your behalf. Transparent and with measurable success for your company.


As a subsidiary of two international companies, we have global know-how in the field of mobility management. This unique market position enables us to focus solely on the interests of our customers – independently and with integrity.


Our locally operating experts contribute with their specialist knowledge and open up possibilities for optimizing and standardizing services. Our benefit is that we are always technically up-to-date and that we apply our profound knowledge of international standards.


Management Team


FleetCompany GmbH is 26,34% owned by TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of TÜV SÜD AG, and 73,66% by Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

Our management team ensures that our mission “We drive our industry” continues to be fulfilled and that the challenges of the future are mastered.

We are pushing the change from a fleet management provider to a “Managed Mobility as a Service” provider.


Steffen Schick

Chief Executive Officer
Fleet Logistics Group

Heiner Arnoldi

Chief Financial Officer
Fleet Logistics Group

Samuel Kellner-Steinmetz

Chief Sales Officer
Fleet Logistics Group

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