Everything what matters for your driver at one glance.

Our web application Fleet.ONLINE as well as our mobile phone app FL Mobility.CONTROL, are designed to provide easy access to relevant information for your drivers – easy and userfriendly. 


Vehicle Ordering

By reflecting your company car regulations in Fleet.WIZARD, we ensure that the new order is made according to your policy and that your user has transpareny about important components such as the own contribution throughout the process.


Comprehensive fleet management

Our state-of the art reporting system generates a holistic view on all aspects of your business: Enabler for professional (in-house) fleet management – different views for HR, Finance, CSR, Procurement or Fleet Management. 


Flexible use of all mobility types

With MobilityBUDGET you provide your employees with a monthly, flexibly applicable mobility budget for their daily commute and for their spare time. You and your employees save valuable time and money at the same time.

An assortment of pioneering IT systems are designed to provide consistency across multiple markets.

All tools are web based and ensure a high degree of automation and operational efficiency to both drivers and stakeholders alike.

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