Global Mobility Solutions

“How to define a mobility strategy that works for you?”

Our consulting service covers all relevant aspects and helps to build a robust strategy and achieve your goals by improving effectiveness, reducing cost and ensuring a smooth transition to mobility.

Our experts create an understanding of your needs and ensure that you get the best possible solutions. From delivery of relevant advice to execution.

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Fleet Management

“How to create an effective fleet program which meets the needs of your organization?”

To be successful with your fleet program you need to reconcile a number of conflicts. These include: Driver Satisfaction versus. Car Policy versus. Procurement Strategy versus. Carbon Output Reduction versus. Cost Savings …. and many more.

To help you succeed, we offer different service bundles from complete operational management (multi-supply) to a “watchdog“ role (sole supply).

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Alternative Mobility Services

“Are you prepared to offer alternative Mobility Solutions to your employees?”

Many believe that, although the company car will remain king for the time being, the way it is used will change. New technology, and an upcoming ecosystem of services are helping develop new ways of working.

We will support you with our solutions for issues such as cash allowances and the mobility budget.

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Global Mobility Solutions

The requirements, and the possibilities, around Mobility Solutions are as diverse as each individual. To come to reliable conclusions, it is important to gain complete understanding and define a vision for the future.

By focusing on our core values, we are able to support you to find your best-fit solution. Most importantly we offer peace of mind by the flexible packaging of services – whatever your supplier and category management setup.



Our experts can support you in all different kinds of consulting projects, such as Cost Effectiveness, Sustainability Programs or Shift to Mobility.

“In this sense don’t mind that we dare to be disruptive while remaining pragmatic.”



By using state-of-the-art technology we are able to create value in the areas of data collection, comparison and transparency. 

And we provide support with our Global Reports and Dashboards, Scenario-builders and many more.



Based on our industry networks and our long-standing experience, we are happy to share our insights with you.

With our Industry Benchmarks, TCO Barometer and How-to-Guides we are convinced we can deliver meaningful facts and figures.

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Fleet Management

Driver satisfaction, cost control, productivity and compliance are only a few facets of the bigger fleet management picture.

Irrespective of your strategy and supplier set-up, be it single or multi-supply, with bundled or unbundled services, we provide objective and relevant advice from strategy creation to execution, including all aspects of operational management.


Vehicle Ordering

Our service covers all relevant process stages, starting with initiation, car configuration, supplier benchmark and final order, and including the coordination of delivery.

Our support ensures staff compliance with car policy and processes, and provides a clear and distinct paper trail.


Driver Communication

We offer a dedicated driver helpdesk including a client specific telephone number and a dedicated email address.

Pre-agreed KPIs/SLAs and a certain set of templates are implemented into our communication technology to ensure proper responsiveness.


Cost Control

Through our invoice control services and processes, we focus on delivering accuracy and control through the scrutiny of all supplier invoices for exceptions, and challenge these wherever and whenever necessary. 

Our combination of professional invoice controllers and automated tools ensures that we validate 100% of all fleet-related invoices.


Contract Monitoring

Based on the most up to date fleet and vehicle information, stored in our proprietary fleet management software, we are able to forecast scenarios and determine contract adjustment requirements.

Within this process, we focus on TCO comparison, which we believe gives you the most reliable and accurate fleet cost picture.

Supply Chain matters

Vendor Management

In any fleet operation, multiple suppliers, both internal and external, are typically involved. This results in a high degree of complexity and the need for clear communication.

From a strategy point of view, we can provide you with detailed feedback on current processes, the potential for optimization and key developments in the market.

At an operational level, we manage your suppliers and ensure vendor compliance with your agreements.


Technology Tools

In the field of fleet management, a strong IT landscape is key to success. Over the years we have developed a suite of state-of-the-art tools that support digitalization and automatization.

All our innovations are developed in close co-operation with our clients.

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Alternative Mobility Services

New technologies, changing legislation/fiscal regulations and employee expectations are three factors which are driving change within private and corporate mobility.

Together with our clients, we aim to provide alternative solutions which are as flexible and diverse as the issues your company needs to consider. Our mission: to aggregate complex supply structures and translate them into simple solutions for our clients.

A first alternative


Putting a company car policy in place that suits the needs of your business and keeps your employees happy at the same time is no easy task.

Our services around cash allowances could relieve your business of a lot of administrative work, as we work directly with your employees on all topics connected with their vehicle.

At the same time, to ensure our solution meets your business needs, we are happy to consult with you.

The next level


Employees’ attitude towards mobility is changing and the expectation of flexible solutions is growing fast. The fleet industry is currently piloting a multitude of offerings, and it is of paramount importance for companies to stay flexible and keep an open mind.

Our Mobility Budget Solution provides peace of mind for employees, helps our clients to stand out from their competitors in the recruitment stakes and makes a significant contribution to sustainable CO2 reduction.

Expected in 2023


As an expert in the integration of complex structures, combining  the issues of business mobility and travel is the ideal solution to grant and manage employee expectations in the new normal.

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Experts with a solid strategy
We think about mobility holistically
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Experts with a solid strategy
We think about mobility holistically
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